Sandy beat us up

My heart goes out to all our customers, friends and family living here with us in NYC. So many friends lost homes or had damaged property. One church we're associated with lost 2 members. The coast line of Staten Island was destroyed and homes flooded. Our prayers go out to you.

We suffered only minor property damage and power outage a short time. Our married kids and grand kids have been living with us these last few days until they get power. We have so much to be thankful for today.

Business is open, more to accommodate neighborhood customers and help the community. We've been providing minor car care, cell phone charging, coffee and water. Mostly encouragement that we will rebuild and a prayer.

I was surprised to see the attitude of some people when gas lines turned into fist fights. Don't we have enough to deal with?

Anyway, most Staten Islanders have come together and stepped up to the plate. The city is getting back on it's feet and we will survive. Guess that's easy for me to say but we always come through.

Thank you for hearing me out and I look forward to sharing auto knowledge in the future.

George Zaloom

Gas Sandy
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