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Surviving The Frozen Tundra with your Vehicle

Surviving the Frozen Tundra with Your Vehicle By Tom Torbjornsen, Host of America's Car Show Wintertime is hard on vehicles, period. There are common vehicular failures that are winter-related, and they typically settle into six distinct categories: Undercarriage Steering and Suspension Engine Cooling System Transmission and Drivetrain Starting and Charging Systems Body and Wipers UndercarriageTwisted and/or broken fuel, EVAP and brake lines During the winter, ice and snow builds up on the roadways creating obstructions. When a vehicle passes over these, steel lines are torn from their positions, resulting in fuel leaks, check-engine lights or loss of brakes. These lines must be replaced. When techs replace damaged lines, they typically tie them up closer to the vehicle’s underside in order to shield them from road hazards. Frozen gas lines Ice forms inside gas lines from condensation build ... read more

How do Shops come up with an Estimate!

by Dale Bertram May 31st 2012 These days, automotive service and repair shops are getting more calls than ever asking for an estimate. We understand that this is mostly due to the economy. People are understandably searching for the best value, and they want to make sure they can afford to pay for the service. Many consumers want to know exactly how we arrive at the estimated price, so I thought I would take a moment and explain. An estimate consists of three parts: The labor rate Parts and supplies Overhead Labor Rate An automotive service and repair shop estimates the labor rate by determining how long any given service or repair should take. These guidelines are further established by the manufacturer of each vehicle estimating the time it takes a trained technician to perform the specific task. Parts and Supplies Since we can’t fix things withou ... read more



Why won't our car start?

By Dale Bertram October 2nd 2012 Car problems of any kind can be frustrating, but the one that seems to annoy people the most is when their car won’t start. People then get doubly annoyed when they call the shop and ask, “Why won’t my car start?” and we tell them, “It could be one of several reasons.” I thought I would go over some of the causes just in case you experience a no start in the near future. There are two types of no starts … one that we call “no crank” and the other we call “crank.” If the Engine Is Not Cranking No crank is when you try to start your engine and you hear nothing. This could be caused by one of three things: the battery, the ignition, or the starter circuit. 1. Check your battery voltage If it is low, try to jump start your battery. 2. Check for corroded or loose battery cables You might also have corroded or loose battery cables. If this is the case, you can ... read more

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