Staten Island Belts And Hoses

Does your car squeal in the morning or around a hard turn?
Is it hard to steer and is your battery running down?
Then you've got a bad belt.
The belts in your car charge your battery, enable power steering, affect your air conditioning and control your engine timing. Those things are kind of important.

Don't worry we've got you covered, and when we're done with your car you'll feel the difference. You'll probably hear it too.

And if you've ever noticed some leaking under your car, don't settle for it. It's not normal. You probably have a hose that's about to get a lot worse. The hoses go through extreme temperature changes through the year and will eventually lose their hold as they age. An engine that's loosing coolant is operating on borrowed time.

If you've got a problem with any of your belts or hoses, we'll find them, fix them and get your car back to you the same day.