How to Avoid the Auto Repair Shop This Winter

A local auto shop is urging drivers to follow some important safety tips this winter. 

The owner of Zaloom's Auto Repair says drivers should pay close attention to their wiper blades during the cold-weather months. 

Mechanics say not to use your wipers to remove ice from your windshield. Doing so, can cause heavy damage to the blades. 

Staff also say to make sure all tires are filled properly and have a good amount of tread. 

When it comes to poor road conditions, mechanics say to keep an eye out for raised sewer caps to avoid costly repairs. 

"If you're going down a street that you knew was ripped up, try to hit the sewer cap with your tire - this way you'll protect it from the middle of the suspension of the car being damaged," said Shop Owner George Zaloom.

Zaloom also recommends keeping a blanket in your car so you won't have to leave the engine running if you get stuck in snow. 


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