Google, Apple Self Driving Cars???

Just thought this was aa great article about the cars we dreamed of years ago will be here soon....But where are the flying cars we were promised?

Google Looking for Auto Partner for Self-Driving Car

Dec. 23, 2014—Google announced on Monday that it is looking for partners in the
automotive industry to help bring its self-driving car to the market within the next five years,
according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.
Google is currently working with automotive suppliers to build a small fleet of prototypes
known as “beta one,” with on-road testing of these vehicles is scheduled for early 2015.
As of now, Google said it hopes to work alongside established car manufacturers in creating
the product. The company envisions the first model to be of a design that lacks a steering
wheel, and has a top speed of 25 MPH, qualifying it as a neighborhood electric vehicle that
doesn’t need to meet certain safety requirements of conventional road vehicles.
Google has set its goal to offer a fully autonomous car by 2017.
The self-driving car project is currently at the center of Google X, the same labs that were
responsible for developing Google Glass.

Report: Apple to Develop Self-Driving Car

Feb. 16, 2015—Apple is familiarizing itself with members of the auto industry in anticipation
to develop a self-driving car, according to a report from Reuters.
The report states that Apple is mostly interested in developing an autonomous vehicle,
though it may take some models of partially-automated vehicles to finally get there.
The report also says Apple has built a secret lab of sorts with its purpose to work on Apple’s
electric car projects. And at this time, it appears Apple doesn’t want anything to do with a
collaborative effort on the project. The report says that the California-based tech company
has been attempting to poach top talent at other automakers to use on its own infant auto
Apple won’t be without competition, though. Google has publicly stated that it is in the
process of developing a self-driving car, and is likely working with the auto industry for the

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