This blistery cold day plays havoc on car parts especially batteries, radiators and tire pressure. If your Tire Pressure light came on this week it probably the cold weathers affect on air pressure in your tires. The quick fix is refilling to the right pressure. Most cars have a decal on the post were the drivers door locks with the correct pressure. And most cars have the same rear pressure as the front. If you remember that we had two different pressures for front and back you're getting old.

We've also been experiencing coolant leaks out of hoses that shrink smaller then the clams holding them on. Usually tightening the clamp fixes that one.


Almost three months later and still no power that means no heat for many homes on the Staten Island Shores. Salem Church has been providing sheet rock and building supplies to over 50 homes. Thank you Home Depot for actually delivering these orders directly to the affected residence. That's their new program we're spearheading for them and it's working great.

We hope to be bring up many volunteer contractors and builder to help rebuild. This should be starting in April or May and go through the summer 2013. Thank you all who have been supporting this effort with your financial gifts. We've raised over $200,000 of which all have gone to the Staten Island affected families. If you'd like to help please go to and click on "Disaster Relief".


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