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Almost Winter 2013

Almost Winter 2013

It's a Great Day here at Zaloomie.....It's Freezing but it's a Great Day I woke up to a freezing 25 deg day and guess whose battery was dead. Must have left the headlights on. Nevertheless I was able to jump it, take my granddaughter to school and get to work on time. Icy weather is never good for cars. Most of us want to get in and get to our destination. This puts a lot of stress on the cars engine since the oil and other lubricants have thickened and need to warm up before we take off. Some experts have proposed starting and driving at moderate speeds to warm up the car. My problem is my aggressive driving doesn't lend it self to this procedure. And most of us freeze while warming the car up. Auto car starters may be the answer. Most are set to run for 15 minutes while you shower and prepare for the day. Well, waste gas or drive cold


Christmas, Christmas..........Christmas, No more Christmas... That's the thought from my wife's grandmother every year. So much about the holidays and then it's over. Christmas music turns from Silent Night to Rock once again. For what?? What's the season really about? Why all the stress? Taking Christ out of Christmas leaves nothing. If you're a christian celebrate the meaning of Christmas or better yet the Celebration that your Savior is born. It's nice Peace on earth, Joy and all that but we're missing it.......Let's get back to basics and Celebrate our Messiah Savior, Redeemer and King. God bless you all and I pray for a special New Year George

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