Pistachio-History | Zaloomie Car Care

The History of the Pistachio Nut in America.  The story goes like this:  My Great Grandpa Zichary and his family left Syria the turn of the 20th Century, to escape religious persecution. They settled in New Jersey and began importing their popular nut "The Pistachio". and their marketing strategy was ingenious! Each morning for weeks they would drop a handful of nuts on the desks of the financial district office workers. They were immediately addictive and their business flourished.  During the Depression my Grandpa made a decision to move on and go into other industries.  My Rich cousins ( imean my cousins,I'm not bitter continue to   market Zalooms successfully around the country.  The difference between Zalooms and others is the dark roast. which makes our pistachios more flavorful.  

Drop by during the Christmas season when we traditionally give out bags of Pistachios to our customers and friends,  God Bless

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