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Why we perform a "31 Point Courtesy Check" on every car…….

25 years ago we had a customer come in with a brake squeal… We found the brakes low and suggested replacement. The customer authorized us to change the brakes. A week later we get a call from the customer that their engine belt broke and they were stuck in Pennsylvania. The shop they were in was taking advantage of them and my customer was angry. Not only with that shop but with me. He said that it was my responsibility to have checked the car over and find this potential and now real issue. He was right!

Another customer had us check his car for obvious problems. We only looked at a few systems. The customer authorized us to correct the problems we found. Three months later they came back with an issue that was very expensive and was angry that we had not caught it. The customer's complaint was that if he knew all this work was needed he would have rather sold or traded the car in then spend the initial money on the car. I took away his options by not letting him know the immediate and future needs of the car.

Wouldn't you want to know the state your cart? Don't you expect that? We owe it to our customers to perform a good quality Courtesy Check and report what we find. Whether you authorize or not you deserve to be informed.

That’s why for 25 years we've been performing a 31 Point "Courtesy Check" on every car that comes in for repair even an oil change. We generate a detailed report that itemizes parts and labor, schedule and price of each service. It's then presented to our customers who now can make an educated decision regarding the service of their Car or SUV.

Make sure your Technician is performing this Courtesy check and that means "No Charge".Cars are machines.
Machines break down.
Well...not if we fix it before you get to that point.

Between the age of the vehicle, normal wear and tear, and the effects of daily driving in a bustling city, there are a lot of factors that are gradually reducing the performance of your car.

In order to help keep your car healthy and running well, every customer who comes to Zaloom's gets a free "Courtesy Check". Our 31 point diagnostic service will alert you to any issues with your brakes, hoses, lights, fluids and vehicle systems. It's a simple fact, you need to take care of your car. You need to keep yourself and your family safe. And if you take care of a problem before it starts, it'll cost you less time and money. Believe us, we aren't happy when you bring in a car with an expensive major problem. We're happy when you're safe and satisfied with your car.